Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easy knitting patterns for like cashmere merino!

Hi! I know, it has been a long time.... Winter is here and I practically move to Breckenridge, CO during this time of the year! But there are still many many easy knitting patterns yet to come!

Last week I went to my stitch and bitch group in Denver. Once a month we meet at this great yarn store, The Lamb Shoppe. It is like taking hungry kids to a candy store.... pretty dangerous!!! As hard as I tried to contain myself, I could not pass on this beautiful yarn... It is from tilli tomas and it is a 100% Australian merino, but I swear that this yarn could be easily confused for cashmere since it is soooooo soft!!! This is A list yarn!!!! It comes on 50g (130 yds) skeins. I bought 2 colors, "Aspen Ruby Wine" for a Valentine's hat for my hubby and "Aspen Atmosphere" for a hat for our friend Nate's birthday this coming Friday. I am using very easy knitting patterns for these two projects, as usual!

Since only using easy knitting patterns is my signature, I have to share with you a secret. There is a hat pattern that is my very favorite one, because it is easy to make and it looks great on! I have adjusted this pattern after trial and error on making hats that meet my pretty sleek husband's standards.

Go to the sample hat pattern and check out the instructions.

These are the changes that I have made:

For this yarn, since it is a little ticker than what they call for, I am using needles size US 6.

I am knitting the whole hat on a ribbing pattern, knit 2 purl 2, until the hat is 6 1/2 inches long.

Then, I use the same instructions given for decreasing, and voila, DONE!!!

It is pretty simple to adjust easy knitting patterns to your needs and likes! I am planing to use the brioche pattern or prime rib or fishermen's rib to make my husband hat!!! This is something that I haven't tried before, so here are a couple of tutorials:

Thanks for reading my blog! I will be posting pictures for the finished hats and other easy knitting patterns! Until then!

the lazy knitter

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