Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Hi and welcome to EASY KNITTING PATTERNS !

I created this site because I am completely addicted to knitting! I have spent lots of time on the web looking for patterns that are easy to make, super cute, and free, when possible ;-) I also love creating my own patterns, of course all of them are super easy knitting patterns !!!

I also like learning new techniques and knitting stitches to make my easy knitting patterns look more elaborated without spending too much time on them or adding anything that might be too challenging and would put the project at risk of becoming and UFO (unfinished object)...

My newest addition to this site is creating instructional videos. I am very visual and I believe that if you see someone actually doing the technique it gets much easier for you to repeat it !

So, that is my philosophy.... easy, easy, super cute, and super easy knitting patterns !

Enjoy this site and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments!

Your friend,

the lazy knitter

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Nad said...

hi, If you want to have pattern for pussy cat hat in english. Write to Phentex compagny. This pattern is free. bye