Sunday, October 7, 2007

Easy knitting patterns for shoes!

Hi! Ok, here are a couple of easy knitting patterns for shoes!

I hope you love shoes as much as I do!!!!

Just click on the pictures for the patterns!
shoes, before and after

And just for fun, click here to see a gallery of knitted shoes. Some of those look like pretty easy knitting patterns, others might be a little more complicated, but either way you can get some pretty good ideas to play around and make your own creation.

I just love to see how creative we can become! I have seen this happening specially when I am desperate for materials and start looking around my house to see what can I make NOW!!!! It is also nice to recycle something old into a new piece of art! Oh, easy knitting many little time!

That is all for now. Happy knitting to you!

the lazy knitter

Most knitting patterns have been removed from the DIY network. The orange boots pattern is no where to be found. Sorry, I didn't copy the pattern when I made my pair!!!
I found pics from someone who also made the boots. Go here.


TurtleLover said...

LOVE the new and improved flip-flops! So cute. =)

Thata said...

I love this one. Creative and want to try.

Anonymous said...

Fresi, bellas las chanclas convertidas en zapatitos de verano, yo quiero unas!!!Acuerdate soy 61/2, de un color combinable y veraniego!!Besetes!!!
Check-Manu -check

Romy geissler said...

please help! the pattern for the flip flops will not come up! i love them deperately! please, may I get the pattern from you some other way?

the lazy knitter said...

Oh Romy! Just checked and the blog that provided the pattern has been removed!!!! Let me see if I can find it somewhere else... Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

the lazy knitter

the lazy knitter said...

Ok! It seems that the blogger blog that had the pattern was removed and the user switched to wordpress!
Click again on the pic and it should take you right to the pattern!
Thanks for checking out my blog!

the lazy knitter

ledi0877 said...

Oh,no!!!the pattern for the knitted shoes will not come up!I love this one and want to try!!!

the lazy knitter said...

Hi. Thanks for letting me know about the missing pattern. Could not find it anywhere. Found some pics thought. Check the UPDATE on the blog post.
Hope that helps :-)

the lazy knitter