Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Easy knitting patterns for our soldiers

Hi! Here are the approved easy knitting patterns and more for the Ships Project!

So, what is the Ships Project?

"The Ships Project was founded in October of 2001, when a female sailor on board the USS Bataan responded to an “Any Sailor” letter written by the project founder, Ellen Harpin. In that letter, Ellen mentioned her love for knitting, prompting the sailor to joke that maybe Ellen could send a pair of knit slippers to keep her feet warm as she slept, since her berthing was extremely cold. Since then, the project has grown far beyond that small beginning and has earned the respect and support of the military."

Click here to check out their website! This is a great project and they provide truly easy knitting patterns!

It does not matter if we support the war or not. Lets knit something nice for these young soldiers (and the not so young ones too). Hopefully, we will put a smile on their faces and help them stay warm too, ok?

Have fun with these easy patterns and enjoy knitting with love!

the lazy knitter


Wandering Mind said...

I am always looking for posts to share for content and interest.
I read your comment on my blog and I will for sure pass your blog along to my Needle Notes gals. I took your advise and used the Blogger Help and learned how to highlight my links. Funny thing, the have been highlighted in other pages, but I didn't do anything. [?]
Now I can make sure they are able to be "clicked!"
Thanks! Barb

Anonymous said...

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