Sunday, August 26, 2007

New easy knitting patterns: super easy baby booties!

Click on pictures for patterns!

Hi!!! First of all I want to apologize. Ok, I have to say that I am very upset. My tumblr blog is GONE!!!!

I am happy that I started this other blog after not being able to add video and other things on tumblr. So, after posting the patterns for my EASY KNITTED CAT, I decided to relax a little on the weekend... Until today, when I decided to check something on tumblr and...hocus focus... my blog was gone!!!

I got this message from tumblr saying that my easy knitting patterns blog has been suspended for violating their content policy???? Wow... I did not know that knitting info could be so damaging to the web??!!!

Anyway, I took a look at their policies and, of course, I have not violated anything! This is just the result of a massive tumblr blog deletion and I suppose that I was not going to be an exception! Too bad, but not the end of the world!!!!!

However, I am sorry to tell you that I will have to post the EASY KNITTED CAT pattern next week, when I have time to redo the whole thing!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!

In the mean time, I want you to have this really cool easy knitting patterns (just click on the pictures above!) that I love and use for some last minute baby gifts!!!!!

That is all for this week! Enjoy your Sunday and knit with love!!!!

the lazy knitter


TurtleLover said...

That really stinks! I can't even imagine how ticked I would be if my blog got deleted... and I don't even have patterns posted. Ugh!

PS the booties are super cute!

Eileen said...

Very cute booties!

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Anonymous said...

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