Monday, November 19, 2007

Easy knitting patterns for wigs!

Hello everybody! It has been a while... Well, I have been pretty busy however, I have managed to finish a few easy knitting patterns' projects that I will be posting pretty soon!

Meanwhile... I have to tell you that I love wigs!!!! So, I became fascinated by the idea of being able to knit some interesting wigs and voila, I began my search for easy knitting patterns for wigs! You know me, if it is not easy, I will not make it! Ok... maybe once in a while...

So, here is what I found:


The first wig is from knitty and is called Hallowig, by Megan Reardon.

"I found myself wondering just what I could do with all that cheap, bright acrylic yarn one finds in craft shops. I also found myself thinking about Halloween. Add in a bad hair day and this is what I got."

This wig is worked from the bottom up, the bound off edge is the center part.


The blue blog adapted the Hallowig above to fit a baby's head, Blondie! How precious is that? I love these easy knitting patterns, they are just so cute and you can make them pretty quickly!!!

THE PRINCESS LEIA WIG - not free - :-(

The princess Leia wig was available for free until last year. This is one of those easy knitting patterns that become so popular that the author decides that is time to charge for it, which I think is absolutely fair!

"The inspiration for this pattern came to me one day while shopping in a sporting goods store. I saw this fabulous full length white down coat that reminded me of a Princess Leia outfit. I thought, wow, now that would look great with a knitted ‘wig’ hat."

Have fun with these easy knitting patterns, there are more coming up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

the lazy knitter


Alyoops said...

Hey, here's a cool elvis wig, too!

the lazy knitter said...

that's cool! thanks for sharing!

miDesign said...

these are amazing! I love them. I will be using these for photoshoots in the future :)