Monday, August 27, 2007

Men knitting easy patterns and beyond!

Hi! This is a cool You Tube clip about men knitting! Some men are going beyond just trying out some easy knitting patterns...

Check it out!

I have read on a few occasions that knitting was actually invented by men!

Love the idea of the men knitting movement!

Check out this website on men who knit.

I will love to hear your comments on the subject!

More easy knitting patterns to come during the week!

the lazy knitter


Eileen said...

My husband wouldn't knit if his life depended on it. :-(

I'm adding links to other knitting blogs on mine, can I add yours?

the lazy knitter said...

Yeah, my husband either...which is a good thing since I don't want to fight with him over my yarn stash!
Eileen, please feel free to add a link to my blog and thanks for your comments!

the lazy knitter

Alyoops said...

Haha, I alsway tell my boyfriend if we have children I'll teach them ALL to knit, even the boys, but he says no!

I say, what he doesn't know won't hurt him :3