Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Magic Loop for your easy knitting patterns!

Hi!!! I am still working on the easy knitting patterns for my hubby's valentine's hat. I am exploring the fisherman's rib, and while I finish that project, I have a little gift for you today! My first video tutorial!!!!!

I have been learning how to create short movies on my computer so that I can include videos to provide more clear instructions for some easy knitting patterns and knitting techniques in general. As you might notice, I am not super technical, so please let me know your thoughts so that I can improve this in the future. This first video is a step by step tutorial for the Magic Loop!!!

If you have read some of my other posts, you might have noticed that I am a big fan of the Magic Loop knitting technique and that I use it for most of the easy patterns I like. So, for you to get started using this technique, you will need a 40" long circular needle on whatever size you use the most, in my case US 8 is the size I use the most. You can certainly accomplish it with a shorter needle, but it will not go as smooth. Believe me, after trial and error, 40" or 100-120cm of length is what works best.

The Magic Loop is a great technique for saving money and time. Instead of spending about $15 on several lengths of good quality circular and double pointed knitting needles for different projects from hats to sweaters, you will only require ONE CIRCULAR NEEDLE for each size. So, for example, instead of having lets say a 16" US 8 circular for hats, a set of US 8 double points for hats too, a 29" US 8 for a small sweater, a 40" US 8 for a bigger sweater, etc, etc, etc.... You will only need ONE 40" US 8 (or any other size the patterns call for) circular needle to accomplish all of those easy knitting patterns!!! And you don't have to run to the store or go to the internet trying to find all sort of lengths for circular needles for an specific project!!!!! Isn't that amazing or what????

Ok, enough talk. Lets check it out:

I hope you have enjoyed this video tutorial on Magic Loop Knitting. Your comments will be highly appreciated!!! I really want you to enjoy this technique as much as I do and to save some time and money on all of your easy knitting patterns and other knitting endeavors!

Have a happy Valentine's Day and knit with love!!!!

the lazy knitter


knittedwings said...

Tere! Loved the video! You know already that I got hooked on the magic loop! My dad looked at my knitting in the magic loop the other day with awe because he remembered that his mom always knitted in the round with multiple needles.

Moms90 said...

Dear Lazy Knitter:
Thank you for that video. I have been knitting socks a short while on dpns and am quite interested in learning the Magic Loop method. It seems a little confusing having the needles and cords get all tangled up, but I guess like everything, you get used to it. Will you be posting more step by step instructions as you get into the sock? Such as the gusset, turning the heel, etc.?

Anonymous said...

happy to find your video ,I am a beginning knitter so far have knit a few 2 needle stocking caps,,I just sent for a 40 inch size 7 addi torbo,,and was hoping to find some understandable instructions ,,your video looks like it will be easy to follow,,thank you

the lazy knitter said...

Thanks you for your comments! moms90, don't worry about the needles getting kind of jumpy on my video. That day I only had a really bad all plastic pair of circulars which are not good at all. If you get a pair of addi turbos, the cord is really flexible and believe me, it will not look as challenging as on my video. I will make a new video pretty soon with some good needles, oK?
Also, as for now, I am not making any socks, but as soon as I start such a project, I will make a video, ok?
Let me know if I can help you in any way! Happy Valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the wonderful tutorial I have been looking for information on the majic loop for my blog at
and your tutorial helped me visualize it, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

how would you add in a cable? I'm trying to pick up this magic loop technique, but it still seems a little confusing...thanks for the video

the lazy knitter said...

Hi! I don't know if am understanding your question correctly? To add a cable you just do it in the same manner as you would if knitting the regular way. Just need a cable needle to hold the stitches. Hope that helps :-)